Refried Beans

So I’ve been working on a project with Mexican cuisine, and all my research has left me with an insatiable craving for Mexican.

Last night, I finally snapped and had my own little Mexican fiesta in my kitchen.  I made a delicious soup, some arroz verde (green rice), and of course needed to make some refried beans to go with it all.  However, as luck would have it- every recipe I found called for all kinds of ingredients I didn’t have or didn’t want to put in my food (i.e.- lard).

Finally, I decided to check out Food Network’s website, and found this gem of a recipe.

 I had all the ingredients on hand, and, better yet- it was healthy!  I did use black beans instead of pinto because they are a tidge healthier (tip:  the more color a food has, the more nutrients it contains!).  I also added some diced poblano pepper for extra flavor.

I love that there is no added salt to this recipe, and it really doesn’t need any if you serve it with some fresh cilantro and a squeeze of lime juice.  Finally, I made this recipe from start to finish while my rice cooked.  It takes almost no time or attention and turns out fabulous!

Do you have any Mexican recipes you swear by? I’d love to see them since I don’t think this Mexican craving is going away any time soon!


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One thought on “Refried Beans

  1. I love Mexican food, or any food with a spicy kick to it so this post caught my eye. I like how you are blogging a recipe book of sorts, as food always draws my attention. It is always frustrating not having the ingredients that you need on hand, so its good that you found a recipe that was made out of things that you have around the kitchen. This dish sounds delicious.

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