Meat Safety

So I was asked to taste test a hamburger sample today… And two hours later my stomach made me well-aware that something had gone wrong with the preparation of the hamburger.


My stomach is still proudly proclaiming its acrobatic abilities, quite audibly, I must add.  I’m currently sipping on peppermint tea wishing I could figure out where I put my Pepto-Bismol.

So… I felt this might be a good opportunity to write a post on food safety while preparing meats.  I can just hear the groans already…

I should add, I work in the culinary/food product development world, and am certified in food safety and handling.  

Someday, I will figure out how to compile all this information into a handy chart.  Until then, the outline below will have to do…

Poultry Products- should reach internal temperature of 165F.

Pork Products- should reach 160F.

Beef Products- Ground beef needs to be cooked to an internal temperature of 160F.  Whole meat cuts such as steaks and roasts can be cooked as follows:  Medium Rare- 145F.  Medium- 160F.

*Cooking beef only to the Rare stage is not recommended.


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