Snowed In…

I’m currently hanging out at my boyfriend’s place, eating my morning oatmeal as I watch and listen to the snow blow outside the window.  All roads out of town are either closed or have a “No Travel” advisory out.

Home for me is an hour away (when the roads are good!), and since it is Monday, it looks like I will be missing class.

I’m prepared to have myself a lazy day filled with homework, the gym, and a little cooking or baking.  I love going to the gym in the morning or mid-day when it is quiet and only one or two other people quietly pound away at the treadmill.  It is so serene, almost like a safe haven for me.

I then put in my headphones, of course, and let my music blare and take me away with its fast-paced tunes that never fail to get my heart pumping.

I just now got a text message from my university’s emergency alert system- No Classes!  That is exciting, and relieving news.  Sometimes, you just gotta love the “hassles” of living in the midwest.  


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