Tree Trunks

I’m one of those weird ones that when I go to the gym, I gain muscle like an Arnold wannabe, without even meaning to.

After a couple gym sessions of doing lunges and squats, my thighs start outgrowing my jeans.

Laugh if you want, but at least I know I’m not the only one out there.

I always seemed to think that to trim down my tree-trunk thighs I should be running intervals, right?  I mean, intervals burn fat after all…

Wrong.  Dead Wrong.

You see, intervals also do a great job of doing something else too, and that is build muscle.  So allll that time I spent huffing and puffing looking like an idiot on the treadmill trying to slim down my tree trunks, and I was actually just building them up even more.

So what is the best way to trim down your trunks?  Plyometrics and the cursed, sometimes even forgotten, steady-state cardio.

But not any steady state cardio, Incline Steady State Cardio- speed walking, preferably.

Plyometrics are amazing, I highly recommend replacing that daily run with 10 minutes of plyos.  The time will fly by, and you’ll scorch an astounding number of calories.

Next week, I’ll give you a great plyometric routine to finish out your workout with!


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One thought on “Tree Trunks

  1. Great post, I as well was blessed with these. I did insanity in hopes of dropping some pounds and also toning up. The toning up I noticed I just wish I would have noticed my fat loss a little bit more. Maybe I just need to try something different. My boss tells me some peoples bodies just need different types of workouts to lose the fat.

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