Motivation and Morning Workouts

Do you ever have those days where you just feel, meh?

The days where you know you should get to the gym, but just can’t get yourself out the door?

Where you spend more time avoiding going to the gym, than if you had actually just gone?

Or those days where you just get so caught up with things, that before you know it, its too late to go to the gym?

I know I used to, alllll the time.  But I found a solution to this problem, one that is foolproof.

In fact, after I discovered this little secret, I found I actually had more time, and was getting all my workouts in!

Want to know what my secret is?

Morning workouts!

I hear your groans, I hear your complaints, and I even hear your excuses.

I was leader of the pack in all three of those areas before I finally budged and gave it a try, and let me tell you, I’m never going back to evening workouts!

My number one excuse was always that I need my breakfast, otherwise I am crabby and feel awful.  Then I discovered homemade protein bars and muffins that taste just like cake (will post recipe next week!), and problem solved!

I also wasn’t a morning person.  Getting in the habit of going to bed a little earlier is an easy one attain, and I think you’ll enjoy the benefits.  You’ll generally get more sleep in the end, and be able to get more done outside the home since most businesses aren’t open until 2 am 🙂

Plus, I always take a pre-workout before the gym for a little extra boost, so this meant I could actually save money by not having coffee!

My first class generally starts at 9:30, so I go to bed between 10 and 11 (totally do-able!) and wake up at 6:45.  I roll out of bed, grab a protein bar/muffin from the fridge, mix up a pre-workout, and eat while I look over my workout plan and get dressed.  I’m generally out the door right around 7:00, and arrive to a gym with only one or two other people.

I can’t explain how much I love working out in an empty gym.  I can run around and use whatever machines and weights I want without worry of someone else stealing them or being in someone’s way.  I have my choice of treadmills, and I can try whatever crazy floor exercises I want and not worry about how stupid I look!

If you still don’t think you can do morning workouts, that’s fine.  Just try it for a week, one week.  If you still aren’t convinced, I’ll be very surprised!


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3 thoughts on “Motivation and Morning Workouts

  1. Steph A. on said:

    I enjoyed your post and know I have to do the same, the problem is that I am up at 6 am everyday to have the time to get myself and children ready. Often times I don’t get to sleep before midnight because I am up doing homework after I get my kids to bed. I know I would feel so much better if I would just get up at 5am and get that workout in but can’t seem to as I am always exhausted. What was it that finally made you just do it, just stop pushing snooze and get up?

    Steph A.

    • Steph, while working out is important, your sleep is even more important!! I would never cut down below 6-7 hours of sleep if possible, so if I were you I would see if you can fit in a walk sometime during your day, or try to find activities to do with your family during the evenings and on weekends where you can all get exercise together- try going to the YMCA and playing in the court area or going for a hike or bike ride when it is nicer out! Staying in shape doesn’t always have to mean the gym- it’s doing what fits your life 🙂

  2. katies7873 on said:

    I agree with you so much! I found that if I wait until evening to work out, I more than likely skip it because “I have so much to do”. I love getting up in the morning and getting my workout in. It makes the rest of the day so much better!

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