My “Quest” for the Best Protein Bar

A couple of weeks ago I was preparing for a big trip that I knew would involve a lot of rushed days and no time for quality meals.  To solve this, I found three options:

1)  Get fast food or gas station food

2) Starve


3)  Find a shelf-stable, healthy alternative


I decided that options 1 and 2 weren’t very good, so went on an online expedition to find the best snack/meal alternative/protein bar that not only tasted good, but was also good for me.

I soon discovered an almost cult-like following for a line of protein bars called Quest protein bars.  They have a “regular” and an all-natural line.  The bars are gluten-free, and aspartame-free.  They are also high in protein, and claimed to taste great!

Out of desperation curiosity, I ordered a dozen bars in assorted flavors and anxiously awaited their arrival.  

Is it bad when the part of your trip you are most excited for, is to be able to try a protein bar?

Anyhow, the trip finally came and excitedly tried my first protein bar, Strawberry Cheesecake flavor.  


it was…


Not fabulously amazing as I had hoped, but I brought my expectations back down to reality and was very pleasantly surprised!  

Keep in mind, these are protein bars, not Grandma’s cookies.  That being said, they still taste good!

My favorite flavors are Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Apple Pie.


Give them a try and let me know what you think!


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