Workout Slump

Do you ever have those weeks where you just can’t drag yourself into the gym?

I’m having one.

Crazy days filled with obligations, job applications galore (don’t remind me), work, school, projects, blah, blah, blah…

All excuses, really.

What do you do to motivate yourself to go to the gym?

I’ve tried a number of things, what generally works for me is actually changing into my gym clothes, and taking a pre-workout.

Generally, the pre-workout gets me so wired up that the only way for me to stay sane with that much energy is to go burn it off at the gym. (I’m extremely sensitive to any and all medications, pre-workouts, etc)

If that doesn’t work, I’ll go on pinterest and look at workout examples and seeing all the super-fit girls on there makes me wish I could look like them… so I decide to go workout like them so actually give myself a shot at it!

Right now is a procrastination attempt to avoid the gym, so I suppose I should start sipping on my favorite pre-workout (more on that later!) to get that ball rolling!


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One thought on “Workout Slump

  1. Steph A. on said:

    I hear you, I am going through the same thing this week. Too much to do, work, kids, school work finals, housework, etc. At a time when we need it the most to burn off stress, are often times when we feel just too tired to move once we get a chance to breathe. I like you, look at a magazine and see all of the fit people or read an article that motivates me to know just how good I will FEEL if I just get up and drive, sometimes I just make myself turn robotic and forget the drive there simply focusing on the end result that I WILL be on that treadmill soon. 🙂

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