Breakfast of Champions

We’ve all heard it from our mothers, teachers, and even the media,

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”


We keep hearing about it, because it is so true!

But, are you treating it like it’s the most important meal of the day?


Every morning I have two eggs with a bowl of oatmeal.

To some, that sounds soooo boring!


But, to keep it interesting I make it different all the time.

I often prepare and season my eggs in different ways, or top them with things like fresh homemade salsa (great recipe coming your way soon!)

My oatmeal is often filled with my favorite, a dollop of peanut (or almond) butter and a little squirt of Smuckers Reduced Sugar Strawberry Jam (every bit as good as the original!)

Othertimes I’ll throw in cinnamon and raisins or apples.


It is extremely important to be getting whole-grain carbs and protein in your system right away in the morning so your brain and body have the energy they need to kickstart your metabolism!

What is your favorite “breakfast of champions?!”


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