Go-Go Juice

Last week I posted on how to beat the no-workout blues, and promised I would post later on my favorite pre-workouts.

It is now later 🙂

There are all kinds of different pre-workouts, and for the most part, I try to keep mine pretty basic.

Some can get pretty crazy with all their additives, stimulants, and whatnot.

In general, I like to avoid supplements containing creatine and any crazy fat burners.

Fat burners, because I don’t like taking anything that forces my body to work in a way different than it’s natural functions.  I don’t see any good that can come of it…

And creatine, because I don’t want to retain water or get big muscles 🙂  Some of you men out there might be interested in what creatine has to offer, but I’ll pass.

So… my two favorite pre-workouts are, (Drumroll, please)

Optimum Nutrition AMIN.O ENERGY

The grape flavor is fan-freaking-tastic, it tastes just like grape Pixi-Stix.  This pre-workout supplies you with the amino acids your muscles need to rebuild themselves, while also providing a good dose of energy in the form of caffeine.  I use this supplement when I’m in the mood to go to the gym, but wish I has a little more energy to get a good workout.  I also use this while studying for a quick pick-me-up and help me focus since I have ADD 🙂

Black Market Labs AdrenHERlyn

This pre-workout is one I try not to take as much primarily because it contains raspberry ketones, and I don’t want my body relying on substances such as ketones… I feel like it could mess with my metabolism, ya know?  Not that it has been proven, but I’m just not comfortable with it.  Anyway, I do like this pre-workout because it gives me the focus and drive to drill through a tough workout without the jitteriness or sick stomach I get from most other pre-workouts.

Do you have a favorite pre-workout for the days when a banana just won’t cut it?  I’d love to hear about them!


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