Moving On

This blog has been a great experience for the semester.

When my life slows down a bit, (if that ever happens…) I honestly think I would enjoy keeping up a blog.

Aside from food and fitness, I have a very strong passion for home remodeling.

So, when the day comes that I finally own my own house…

{Hopefully within the next year!!}

Look out for a new blog chock-full of great new home remodeling and decorating ideas!


Where I am relocating for my new job, the housing market is completely under water.

I will be paying >$1000/month for a little 1 bedroom apartment, but could be owning a nice little starter house for >$700/month mortgage payments!

Since we plan on staying in the area for a while, and the $700/month mortgage payments would still leave us with a comfortable budget, we are excited to find a temporary apartment but be on the lookout for a nice little starter house.

So, enjoy your summer and thanks for tuning in!


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